Welcome to the internet pages of SafeConnect. We are pleased that you have decided to look us up. SafeConnect is a company which places Christian values at the centre of its work.

Our main focus lies in the consulting and mentoring of Christian communities and events with respect to the general topic of security.

It goes without saying that we are also happy to receive inquiries from other companies and/or persons.


What we offer:


  • Training and courses in the general field of security
  • Security measures surrounding events
  • Tour accompaniment of bands and choirs
  • Airport transfers
  • Chauffeur service and personal security




About us


SafeConnect developed out of the security work surrounding TeenStreet, the Christian Teen Mission for Europe and Overseas. Individual colleagues of the security team were repeatedly asked to provide smooth and safe security operations at other events. SafeConnect has been a registered company since 2007.


We would be happy to provide you with our services.



Areas of Training:


  • Basic legal training regarding security work
  • Social competencies – dealing with others
  • Basic training in security techniques
  • Basic training in defence techniques



Protection against violence – A Seminar for Women


Do you feel frightened or insecure when unaccompanied? Do you forego activities you enjoy simply because you are trying to avoid possibly dangerous situations? Are you afraid of underground passages, parking decks and subway stations?


Which situations are really dangerous? How can I defend myself? Does it make sense to carry any specific devices?


During this seminar we will show women how they can defend themselves successfully against physical violence.


This seminar is intended for women/girls aged 15+. No pre-knowledge or physical fitness required.


Aim of the seminar


Strengthening of self-consciousness, breaking down of fears and prejudices, raising awareness and providing  more safety for women when dealing with violence.


Contacting us


Your message


The transfer of your personal data is solely for the purpose of answering your query and in order to register your details in our data bank. Under no circumstances will your personal data be passed on to third parties.

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